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Please file Placeholder Claims Now!

Every year Terrafirma is forced to deny claims because the land trust missed the deadline (April 30 each year) to notify Terrafirma. Terrafirma is a nonprofit organization just like your land trust. It needs to break even to be able to continue to pay covered land trust claims. For Terrafirma to be able to predict costs, you have to file your placeholder claim immediately at the first instance of a possible problem so that Terrafirma knows what claims it has for that policy year. This is known as a “Claims Made and Reported” policy. Even if the first indication of a possible problem is trivial or uncertain or even if something is just barely amiss, you are required to file a placeholder claim immediately. Filing a placeholder claim takes mere minutes, has no adverse consequences to your land trust and there is no obligation to proceed further. By checking the box at the end of this video, you agree to inform your land trust executive and stewardship personnel regarding this requirement. 


Eligibility Requirements

There are 13 eligibility requirements. Land trusts must respond affirmatively to all eligibility questions in order to participate in Terrafirma.