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The 2021 application period began December 1, 2020 and ended February 1, 2021. The 2021 policy began March 1, 2021. 

You are a critical part of this formidable shared conservation defense service for land trusts.

Your important work upholding lasting conservation has many components. Terrafirma provides a list of twelve specific areas that serve your needs. This information in under the INFO link in the top of the page bar. You can find the address to mail your premium payment check for example. You can find the step by step process on notifying Terrafirma about a potential problem and about the claim process. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please write to .

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About Terrafirma

The Land Trust Alliance formed Terrafirma in 2011 to help land trusts defend their conserved lands from legal challenge. It is owned by its members to insure the costs of upholding conservation easements and fee lands held for conservation purposes when they have been violated or are under legal attack, and to provide information on risk management to those land trusts. This national initiative demonstrates land trusts' commitment to take seriously their responsibility to ensure the permanence of their conservation work.



Why Terrafirma?

Conservation easements and lands are increasingly under attack across America. As population and development pressures increase, so does the value of conserved properties, making them vulnerable. Eventually, every land trust will face some form of litigation.

In addition, public entities, the general public (through taxes, tax incentives and credits), private individuals, and foundations have invested billions of dollars in voluntary conservation of private lands. Terrafirma is one part of a comprehensive suite of protections for land trust protected properties.


How It Works

Terrafirma is owned and operated by your land trust and the other 540 insured land trusts.

We’re here to help! You can email us directly at or call:

202-800-2248 for Hannah Flake, Coordinator
802-262-6051 for Leslie Ratley-Beach, Director

Please call or write your representative or a Terrafirma employee any time you have a question, problem, or suspect you might have a claim.