I forgot my password. What should I do?

Go to the login page and click on the "Forgot your password?" link. (Hint: It's under the Returning User Login on the left side of the page.) Once you click on the link and type in your e-mail, the system will send you your password. You can also log in to tlc.lta.org and then reset your password here.

Can you look up my password for me?

Unfortunately, no. Passwords are encrypted on the system. Not even web administrators can look them up for you.

Why do Terrafirma members need heightened security?

If someone were to breach a Terrafirma account, they would have access to the member's confidential files. They could then mine the files for sensitive data on claims or assets, or use the data from the files to impersonate the land trust.  

Can I add another contact to my Terrafirma account?

Yes. Just log in and click on the link to Update Contact Information.

Can I remove a contact from my Terrafirma account?

Yes. Just log in, click on the link to Update Contact Information, and delete the contact. If the contact you wish to delete is a Primary Contact, make sure you change the Primary Contact to another user before trying to delete that contact.

I need help with my Terrafirma account. Who can help me?

You can email the help desk at or call Gabe at 202-924-9007 or Tom at 802-249-7147.

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