Can I pay via wire?

Terrafirma does not accept wires. While ACH transfers are free, wire payments incur a fee both for Terrafirma and for you the land trust. Terrafirma charges a $30 processing fee for any wire payments received.

Can I pay via credit card?

Terrafirma cannot accept credit cards due to expense of both processing and administrative costs, as well as price of having the appropriate controls in place and high security risk. These costs would be passed on to you, the policyholders.

Why does Terrafirma prefer ACH transfers?

ACH transfers are better than paper checks not just for the planet, but for keeping your premium payments lower. ACH transfers are also less risky than sending paper checks through the mail, with fewer opportunities for human error and oversight, and easier to track payments.

How do I pay via ACH transfer?

We prefer that you submit payments via ACH transfer. The Terrafirma website does not accept payments. You must set up ACH transfers with your bank. Every bank has a different system, so we ask that you please direct any questions about the ACH process to your bank.

You may be able to set up ACH transfers online with your bank by creating a transfer to an external account using the information below. Alternately, you can take the information to your bank manager and say you’d like to set up an ACH account to pay this premium annually.

Account Name: Terrafirma RRG LLC
Account Number: 5242207795
Bank Routing Number (also known as ABA): 011600033
Bank Name: TD Bank, N.A.
Bank Address: 111 Main Street, Burlington VT 05401
Bank Phone No: 802-658-1010

Mailing address: PO Box 530, Burlington, VT 05402-0530
Physical address: 463 Mountain View Drive, Suite 301, Colchester, VT 05446
Phone: 802-864-2112

Can I still pay via check?

We prefer that you pay via ACH transfer to keep administrative costs and premiums as low as possible.

This year payments can also be sent via check. Please be aware that starting with the 2021 policy period, only ACH transfers will be accepted.

Checks can be sent to:

Jeremy Johnston, Account Administrator 
Marsh Captive Solutions 
Terrafirma RRG LLC
PO Box 530
Burlington, VT 05402-0530




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