What payment methods does Terrafirma accept?

Terrafirma accepts only three methods of payment:

  • Check
  • ACH transfer
  • Online bill pay

Please see below for further information on how to pay with these methods.

Terrafirma does NOT accept wire transfers, credit or debit card payments, Paypal, Venmo, or other direct online payments except as noted above.

In an effort to reduce administrative costs and keep member's costs affordable, Terrafirma does not accept certain online and electronic payment methods. Card payments incur a fee for Terrafirma, and wire payments incur a fee both for Terrafirma and for your land trust. We do not want any land trusts to incur fees paying their premium and understand that online payment is not always possible. Please contact us if your land trust is not able to use check, ACH, or online bill pay and we discuss alternative payment methods.

How do I pay via check?

Please make the check out to: Terrafirma RRG

Please send the check to:

Terrafirma RRG LLC
P.O. Box 1330
Williston, VT 05495-1330

How do I pay via online bill pay?

The Terrafirma website does not accept payments. If you select this option, please set up online bill pay with your bank. Every bank has a different system, so please direct any questions about the online bill pay process to your bank.

To view further details, please contact us.

How do I pay via ACH transfer?

The Terrafirma website does not accept payments. If you select this option, please set up ACH transfers with your bank. Every bank has a different system, so we ask that you please direct any questions about the ACH process to your bank. As of 2022, Terrafirma's ACH payment information has changed so please ensure you are using the correct ACH information. Please contact us to confirm the ACH information if you are unsure.

To request Terrafirma's account information for an ACH transfer, please contact Scott at 202-800-2248 or Gabe at 202-924-9007. For security reasons, Terrafirma does not provide our ACH information online or by email. Our ACH information will only be shared over the phone.

Can I pay via credit card?

No. Terrafirma cannot accept credit cards due to processing and administrative costs, as well as the price of having the appropriate controls in place and the high security risk. These costs would be passed on to you, the policyholders.


Does Terrafirma send an invoice prior to the annual enrollment period about how much my land trust owes?

No. The annual premium is calculated by the number of individual enrolled parcels, discounts, and other factors which is not known in advance by Terrafirma. Commonly, during the policy year, many land trusts gain new properties, change their interest in an enrolled parcel, or may qualify for additional discounts. Once a land trust completes the application process and provides any updated information, the total premium amount will be displayed along with payment information. If you would like an estimate of your total premium due, please contact us.

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