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Posts from October 2015

Keep Your Cool in a Hot Headed Encounter

Working with a land trust, you will encounter all sorts of landowners and neighbors and others. Some will be more engaging than others. How can you be most effective with someone who isn’t as skillful or poised as you?

  • Stay calm. If you feel yourself getting angry or upset, step back mentally from the situation, take a breath and remember what you want to accomplish. Your kindness and calmness can refocus the tone of the situation.
  • Be clear. Subtleties of words can lead to confusion. Emotional finesse however is essential.
  • Stay aware of consequences. If done calmly and clearly and without rancor, stating the direct consequences of the individual’s actions may be enough to lead to collaboration.
  • Give it a rest. Diplomacy is critical. Come back another day to revisit the conversation.

Remember you are the pro! Demonstrate your compassion, confidence and determination in all you do.


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