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Supporting your stewardship team

Stewardship volunteers and staff are responsible for upholding lasting conservation. That is a big job.


Terrafirma wanted to share some resources and ideas to assist you:

  • Be sure that all of your stewardship staff and volunteers sign up for TerraBites if they haven’t already. It is free.
  • You might consider including procedures to timely file Terrafirma claims in your land trust’s stewardship policies, as well as quarterly claim updates.
  • Your stewardship team might devote time in their meetings to Terrafirma claims matters.
  • Your stewardship volunteers and staff should watch Terrafirma’s “Timely Claim Filing” video.
  • Check out the Land Trust Alliance’s Practical Pointer Series, which has practical tips to help land trusts navigate the risks associated with stewardship administration and conundrums. 


We’re here to help! If you have any questions, please let us know.




Tom Kester
Operations Manager and Secretary
Alliance Risk Management Services LLC
Manager for Terrafirma Risk Retention Group LLC


P.S., did you know our partners at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center have created a website to help nonprofit organizations manage the HR and risk issues they face? The website, https://www.risk-resources.org, includes more than 75 factsheets, infographics, worksheets, and templates that nonprofit organizations can view and download.


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