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Posts from February 2022

Terrafirma Reaches 545 Members and Over 10 Million Acres

The 545 land trust owner-members of Terrafirma mark some notable events this month. They now collectively insure over 10,212,198 acres. That is 38% more than when the Alliance started Terrafirma in 2013, and one and a half times the size of Hawaii! Terrafirma has also paid out $4.5 million for covered claims, handled over 1,500 claims and insured over 36,000 conservation properties. Terrafirma has almost $12 million in total assets and is fully compliant with regulations.

February 22, 2022 also marks the 40th anniversary of the Land Trust Alliance. In honor of all of these collective achievements, the Alliance will host two complimentary webinars as part of Member Celebration Week for land trust members and Affiliates — Transforming Your Organizational Culture on Feb. 23 and Staying Connected While Working Remotely on Feb. 24.

Thank you to all the owner-members of Terrafirma for helping us to grow stronger each year! Each land trust is a critical part of this formidable, shared conservation defense liability service. We appreciate your commitment to lasting conservation. 



Hannah Flake
Conservation Defense Specialist

P.S. Stay on top of any potential claims you have lingering from the 2021 policy period by filing a claim before the end of the grace period on April 30 - the sooner the better. If you have questions about filing a claim or anything else, please let us know.


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