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Celebrating Ten Years of Terrafirma

No one knew if Terrafirma would succeed when it issued its first policies on March 1, 2013. Now, almost ten years later, Terrafirma has helped land trusts defend perpetual land conservation across America. During these past ten years, Terrafirma:

  • insured over 10.2 million acres, an increase of almost 4 million acres from 2013; 
  • grew to 545 land trusts member from 48 U.S. states;
  • covered 36,000+ parcels, almost doubling the number of parcels it originally insured;
  • paid over $5.6 million to help land trusts uphold lasting conservation on easements, trails, preserves and owned land on over 200 covered claims;
  • provided over $3.1 million in premium discounts to members;
  • achieved a 98% membership retention rate;
  • helped establish favorable case law across the United States; and
  • remained 100% owned and governed by its land trust members.

Terrafirma would have never happened without the dedicated and tireless efforts of many. The greatest thanks go to Terrafirma’s member land trusts as they are the ones that have made Terrafirma successful. Terrafirma wouldn’t be what it is without their continued commitment.

With a solid footing from ten years of Terrafirma, land trusts can continue to steadfastly tackle the biggest challenges of the day.

With gratitude and thanks,

Tom Kester
Operations Manager and Secretary
Alliance Risk Management Services LLC
Manager for Terrafirma Risk Retention Group LLC


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