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Winter is here

It’s the first day of winter. This means two great things: 1) more sunlight in the days ahead and 2) Terrafirma applications are open for the 2018 policy year!

Head on down to www.terrafirma.org and check off your list - it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1.            Reconfirm your eligibility

2.            Add any new parcels and remove any assigned parcels

3.            Click the “submit” button and mail your check (payable to Terrafirma RRG)

Once you update, the 2018 coverage period continues uninterrupted from the original policy date. You have until February 2, 2018 to submit your 2018 application.

We endeavor to be as green as a Christmas tree, meaning everything is online; Terrafirma does not send paper invoices, applications, or policies. 

Having trouble logging in?

We have updated our database! Now whatever you put for your Land Trust Alliance password (the one you use when accessing The Learning Center or signing up for Rally) will work for Terrafirma as well.

If your previous Terrafirma password was different, you should now be able to enter the Alliance password to log in.

If you enter your e-mail address here for an existing Terrafirma account, it will e-mail you your password: https://terrafirma.org/site/get_started


Lastly, please remember to notify Terrafirma about any potential issues that were discovered during the 2017 policy period.


Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!



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