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Timber theft that takes more than trees

Timber theft on conserved land can be disastrous and involve expensive legal costs for land trusts, but some inflict an extra emotional toll as well. Delaware Highlands Conservancy, a Terrafirma member based in Pennsylvania and New York, recently settled a timber theft claim that involved a logger crossing into a landowner’s conserved property and illegally removing 120 mature white oak trees as well as destroying a memorial site dedicated to the original property owner and donor. You can read Delaware Highlands Conservancy’s press release here.

Terrafirma covered the Conservancy’s claim, and they were able to reach a settlement requiring the defendants to pay for remediation and restoration of the trees and repay the Conservancy’s legal expenses. While the money pays for restoration and all costs and fees for the landowner and the Conservancy, it cannot heal the emotional damage that such an extensive and deliberate trespass caused.


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