Time to file your Terrafirma application and claims now

Happy New Year! If you have not already started your 2023 application, now is the time to jump online and get it done! Also please remember to file all of your 2022 policy year claims now. Here are the key points to remember:

  1. The 2023 annual membership confirmation is currently open and goes through Feb. 1.
  2. File your policy year 2022 claims by April 30, 2023 at terrafirma.org  to avoid risking loss of coverage of the claim.
  3. The policy year is not the same as the calendar year — it is March 1 to March 1, plus a 61-day grace period that ends April 30. All claims must be filed within the policy year in which the problem first started or coverage for the claim is jeopardized.
  4. Filing claims does not affect your premium price! If in doubt, please file a claim or contact us at help@terrafirma.org.
  5. Entering a dispute in the Challenges section of your application is not an official claim.

Renew now! Terrafirma does not send invoices to members about renewing coverage. Members must renew coverage through the Terrafirma website. Please notify your accounts payable to update their vendor list and change the Terrafirma address to use the new P.O. Box address:

Terrafirma RRG LLC
P.O. Box 1330
Williston, VT 05495-1330

We’re here to help! If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

Tom Kester
Operations Manager and Secretary
Alliance Risk Management Services LLC
Manager for Terrafirma Risk Retention Group LLC


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